A character that emerged in this series was the "Blackberry Deva."  With thorns down her backbone and lush vines for hair, razor sharp teeth and a beckoning, wild, come-hither gleam in her eye, she will go wherever and however she can, leaving seeds for new plants in her wake.  Following spraying she is reduced to a weakened state, but even then, as I plant a new tree, she is by my side planting another blackberry.  
Blackberry Deva Goes Wherever She Wants  oil/canvas  26" x 40.5" framed.  $500                           
Acceptance  gouache/matt board  16" x 20" framed
Cycle of Birds, Berries, Loppers
oil/board, 20" x 22"   framed                      $600
Winter Blackberry Song oil/board, 19" x 22"

Here a bird sings a lament for the berries now gone from the vines. She has done her part to eat and distribute their seeds.  framed                    $600

Blackberry Series comes from the clearing of blackberries from  a grove of hardwood trees. These paintings playfully document that experience. First exhibited at the UO Museum of History and Natural History in Eugene, OR. 

Beneath the Briars  acrylic/paper, 13" x 16"

framed               $450

Homage to Paul Gauguin    oil/canvas, 19" x 23" framed                                                                 $500


Slow Travel   oil/board, 18" x 22"  framed

Snakes and other reptiles and amphibians have a treacherous journey through blackberry thickets.                                        $475

Edge of Light    acrylic/paper,      21" x 25"

framed                                                           $600

Removing the canopy of blackberries brought in light enough to allow the wildflowers like trilliums to begin blooming. 

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