Broken Branch with Storm Coming  acrylic/canvas  
22" x 28"          SOLD         $350
Mt. Dickenson and Broken Branch   acrylic/canvas,   diptych   28" x 44"                                        $950
Broken Branch paintings came out of a snow event in 2019 that fell and broke limbs from countless trees.  Clear cut logging began on my beloved Mt. Dickenson.  The broken branch symbolizes broken nature –– from climate change that now brings the unexpected and extreme weather. It represents the broken people and their societies. However, the bright colors and symmetry suggests there is hope. 

Mt. Dickenson with Broken Branch, acrylic/canvas

diptych 28" x 44"                     $860

Broken Branch from Below, oil/canvas,
24" x 24"                                $850

Even With Broken Branch, We Look Toward Morning, oil/canvas,  16" x 24"

framed                                         $950                                                        $700                                        

Listening to Broken Branch, oil/canvas,

36" x 40"s         $850             SOLD

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